"I paid for the date but Eunice paid for the Uber ride."

This love story is guaranteed to make your day!

Meet Salem and Eunice.

As told by Salem

First of all, how did you meet?

We met one morning on a bus journey in Lagos, Nigeria, with mutual friends. It was cloudy with a chance of rain, no one could have predicted the weather just as no one could have predicted I'd find love on a bus that day. I had on an Ankara print top, it was blue, my favourite colour. Although it was a long time ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday - what she wore, Eunice had on a white top with a dash of red spots tucked neatly into her skirt, she looked very presentable. The first thing I noticed about her though was her calm, quiet and soft spoken demeanor, something that we both share in common. You see, to me, nothing is more attractive than the effect of a calm and well cultured lady with a soft voice to go with it. And her dress sense, that's a killer as I would later discover.

Was it love at first sight?

I've heard of love at first sight but ours wasn't, it was more like love at second or maybe third sight! Even though it wasn't love at first sight, I must say, I was attracted to her at first sight. This attraction was later cemented when she apologised to me for something she thought she had said that made me angry. Well, I found her apology very attractive.

What was your first conversation like?

As I recall, our first conversation was a strange one, it was about fishbones. Ok, let me explain. Well, so I recall it was a debate about fishbones. Yes! So, on the bus someone raised an argument that fishbones are nutritious. I listened carefully in the background as I heard both parties argue back and forth in a bid to convince the other. I was quiet until she asked me for my opinion. She went like 'Salem, you're just smiling and not saying anything'? That was the invitation I needed and I eventually went on to brag about my culinary dexterity in a bid to get her attention.

How did you get her number?

Eventually, the bus journey ended but thankfully we all exchanged numbers on the bus so I didn't have to sweat to get her number. However, it took me about 2 years to muster up the courage to tell Eunice how I felt, you see, I came in as a friend so, I was almost friend-zoned, but I wasn't going to let that happen, trust me!

Were you optimistic about love?

Prior to meeting Eunice, I wasn't optimistic about finding love. I knew one day I would get married but I had always imagined what falling in love felt like and I felt I was far from it. As a young man, I knew the journey was going to be tough. To add to it, I am sometimes difficult to please. Although she had already ticked 8 out of 10 of my things to look out for, the icing on the cake for me was how she was able to tame me. Also, Eunice once told me to my face that she was willing to suffer with me and always be there for me regardless. Now, that's a woman to keep! Over the years she has helped me to understand myself and rediscover me and to be frank, I never thought I'd meet someone like her.

Where was your first date?

It was at a shopping mall. I paid for the date but Eunice paid for the Uber ride to the date. We dated for a number of years with a break in-between but we were able to keep the fire burning through regular communication and prayers.

What good advice on marriage/courtship did you get from any of your friends or family?

Well, the best one for me was to never let a third party hear anything negative about my wife from me. Never ever complain about your wife to someone else.

What's one funny thing about Eunice?

Eunice has a funny fear of some very random things that I can't even explain. I find it hilarious! For example she's scared of snakes that appear on TV! You need to see her reaction!

Why do you love Eunice?

There's no one thing I can place a finger on as that'll be unfair but the one thing that stands out to me is her humility. Yes, I love Eunice for her humility. She's a virtuous woman!

Lastly, in one word, how would you describe your love?


Now, let's hear from Eunice

First of all, how did you meet?

It was one sunny day and we met on a bus going to a city in Nigeria called Ibadan. Salem had on a native shirt and trousers, I think it was sky blue because that's his favourite colour. When I met him the shirt he wore actually looked oversized on him.


Were you attracted to him initially?

No. I saw him as a friend and just found him funny when we had a conversation at one time. But we began to talk more often and I gradually got attracted to his kind of person.


What was your first conversation like?

Salem was quiet. He wasn't really talking. He said nothing except when I asked him a question (can't remember what it was though) and he replied.


Did Salem try to impress on the first date?

Yes he tried on the first date but I really wasn't impressed. However, he made up for it at our first anniversary as a married couple. It was a big surprise for me. I was very impressed!

What good advice on marriage/courtship did you get from any of your friends or family?

Well, my mum always advised me to be sure of what I wanted, to know if he truly was the one. Although she never knew so much about us because we kept things to ourselves...she knew we were serious and advised me to be patient no matter what happens in our relationship.

What's one funny thing about Salem?

When Salem is in his happy and humorous state, you'll really be wowed and wonder if he's truly the person you know who is very quiet and reserved (you have to see him in his act to understand what I'm saying), he acts out everything that makes him look like a child and a clown.


What things do you have in common and what things are different?

We love to cook and talk a lot about anything. Salem is a talented and fantastic poet (I'm not a fan of poetry) but I love to sing.

Why do you love Salem?

For so many reasons but I'll say a few, he is calm, tolerant, a good listener, a peacemaker and above all has proven to be a wonderful head.

Lastly, If your story was to appear in a Newspaper, what should be the headline?

Against All Odds